Did You See It? Our Nintendo #WiiU Ad is Out!

Remember that time the Joneses went up to Seattle to Nintendo Headquarters? Well, we were invited to play with the Nintendo WiiU and tell the nice film crew everything we liked about it and how we've all started playing together as a family again. See...we're a very competitive lot, and family game night had turned into a bit of a blood sport for the Joneses, so we stopped playing altogether. In this WiiU ad, we talk about how it has brought Family Game Night back to Casa Jones.

Funny little side note about this video is that the kids and I all gabbed on and on and on and on... not my husband. He had few words to share. I was dying!!! I was thinking in my head, what about that one thing you said on our phone interview? Or what about the game you like playing with Ryan? Or what about all the fun you had playing at the party we threw? Or just ANYTHING!!!

Well, apparently, the few words he shared were enough, because this is mostly him and the kids. I just show up in a few scenes to kick some Jones butt. ;) Please note the pleasant look on my husband's face when I trounced them all in Luigi's Haunted Mansion.

The Jones Family Playing Nintendo WiiU.jpg

Hope you watch the whole WiiU video. You'll also see links to other families and their thoughts and experiences with the Nintendo WiiU gaming system.