How to Be a Travel Writer

Every year, bloggers gather for the travel blogger conference, TBEX. And every year, I read the travel bloggers' tweets, wishing I was one of them. You may not know this about me, but one of my not-so-secret dreams is to write for Sunset Magazine from the back of an Airstream. A Sunset by-line and owning an Airstream are HIGH on my Bucket List. Being a lifestyle blogger, I get to share a random variety of subjects that interest me. Travel is a big part of my life. I love a good road trips, local or long distance, and I enjoy sharing my adventures from the road, but I haven't been writing enough about the places I visit. If you follow my tweets and Instagram images, you might have seen some of those trips. My quick bursts on social media sites are fine for the fun little updates, but When it comes to creating a full article, I want to do the places I visit some justice.

Maybe you don't want to run away in an airstream and become a travel writer, but you might have thought that it would be pretty cool to get paid to travel and visit beautiful resorts and hotels around the world. Or maybe you just want to write better articles and posts about the road trips you're going on this summer. Whatever it might be, if you have a travel writing bug, I have a great book recommendation for you.

The Seventh Edition of The Travel Writer's Handbook

The latest revised editon of the bestselling classic was written by award-winning veteran travel writer, Jacqueline Harmon Butler and focuses on pre- and post-trip topics such as:

• How to target your market before you begin • How to save time by doing background research before you leave • How to write queries and get assignments in advance • How to find new angles for overworked subjects • What to take along (from camera equipment to travel documents) • How to set up and conduct successful interviews • How to take advantage of freebies and junkets without “selling out” • How to sell what you write... and then sell it again

What I appreciated most were the travel writing basics, in particular, researching a travel destination before getting there. Seems like a no brainer to do your homework before heading out on your trip, but if you're like me, you might be more of an in-the-moment kind of blogger. Picture the feather in Forrest Gump. If you have that floating nature, the tips on researching travel destinations will be incredibly helpful.

If you ARE an aspiring travel writer, The Travel Writer's Handbook includes everything you need to know in order to pitch and land a story assignment, plan a trip, and research and write the article. The newly revised edition includes information on how writers and travelers can use social media platforms and online resources. Even seasoned social media divas will find some useful information for gathering info for planning and preparation.

So if you want to be a Travel Writer, or just want to write better travel posts, I highly recommend getting your hands on this handy little handbook. ;)

Bon Voyage!

I received a copy of the seventh edition of the Travel Writer's Handbook to review. I think it's a great resource for bloggers that want to write better posts about their travels this summer and throughout the year, so I chose to write this post.