Bad Plug-Ins and Getting Hacked

Over the weekend, I attempted to update some plug-ins here on this blog. It did not go well.

Whenever I go to click update, I do so with a healthy dose of trepidation. I place my cursor over the update button, lean away from the computer, close my eyes, slightly open one eye back up, take a deep breath, and click. Every other time, I've laughed at myself for being so freaked out about a simple update.

This past weekend, I didn't laugh.

Apparently, there have been a few glitches in some Wordpress plug-ins lately. What I saw when I clicked update this time was a succession of error messages. Then my blog went off-line. It was absolutely nowhere to be found. I even tried using my main URL ( to see if it would redirect me to my host page. Nope. Back to the freaky plug-in error messages. The funny thing is, I didn't panic. I was covered.

Back Up Your Blog!

While I was watching my blog seemingly blow up, in the back of my mind, I thought, "No worries. I'll be down for a few days, but hey... it's summer." I knew that I had the entire contents of my blog in a file on my laptop, desktop, and in the ubiquitous cloud. If you're not backing up your blog, you should. Now... I don't should people often. Only when it's important. And THIS is important!! Don't know where to begin? Check out this post:

6 Top Wordpress Backup Services Compared

Thankfully, I didn't have to start over. After about 30 minutes, the glitch fixed itself. Sugar in the Raw was back up.

*cue the cheering masses*

My elation didn't last long. This morning, I was doing my regular email catch up when I came across a new post from Blogging Basics 101. Back in the day, I used to sit up all night to read all of Chilihead's how-to posts. When I finally met her, I practically knocked her over hugging her! She's one of the only blogs I've been subscribed to for years. Why? Because there is always something new... some tip I need... some nugget of awesome. Today, when I opened the email from Blogging Basics 101, I saw that the super smart Sarah Kimmel was guest posting. I've hung out with Sarah on a few blogger/media trips. This girl knows her stuff. As I read her post, I began to put some pieces to my recent analytics puzzle together. Some of my numbers have been going wonky... like drastic changes. I DM'd her on Twitter where she suggested that I read a recent post she had up on her own site. After following a few simple instructions, I realized I had been hacked!!

Have You Been Hacked?

If you want to make sure you don't get hacked or confirm that you haven't already been hacked, read these two posts:

Keep Your Blog From Being Hacked (Blogging Basics 101)

Is Your Blog or Website Hacked? (Technology for Moms)



Other than those incidents, I had a fabulous weekend celebrating Independence Day with family and friends. I took blurry pictures of fireworks, taught my kids how to hold a sparkler without getting burned, introduced the neighbors to grilled peaches, and made the BEST deviled eggs. I'll have the recipe for the eggs up this week, so don't forget to subscribe to email updates or RSS for this blog!