Was Weiner Cheating?

Finally. Anthony Weiner, Representative from New York's 9th District admitted it was his bulging "package" in the picture. You can see why he waited so long to admit it, right? I mean, he was confused. Poor guy was lying to himself. Maybe he should have checked in earlier with anyone else with half a brain for a reality check.

For a week, Weiner did everything he could to not answer direct questions. He deflected like a tennis pro easily wacking balls (pardon the pun) over the net. But nobody in the stands was buying any of it. It was clear to all of us that he knew whose junk was tweeted. Eventually, it became clear to him that he should own up to it all. Either that, or keep playing cat-and-mouse with the press.

As I was driving the kids home from school, we heard Weiner's choked up admission that he had been lying. He fessed up to even more on-line mischief and apologized for that, too. The kids, listening from the back seat, wanted to know what he had done. I told them that the Representative had sent a young lady an inappropriate picture of himself and that he tried to cover it all up with lies. My son took it all in and responded with a single statement:

"He doesn't have very much integrity."

I call that kid Yoda for a reason.

Anthony Weiner definitely lacks integrity. He behaved so inappropriately. He lied to everyone. He made up a story about a hacker and let a journalist hang in the wind over it. He wasted his constituents time by prolonging the lies and covering up the nature of his on-line relationships.

Some people believe that what you do on your own time is just that... your own time. Well, turns out, it wasn't really on his own time. It wasn't even on his own dime. He was tweeting pictures from his government-issued Blackberry during work hours. Still, that's for the bosses to hash out and the constituents to speak up on come election time, if he makes it that long.

But the saddest part of this whole scandal has to be how embarrassed and hurt his wife of two years must feel. Can you imagine your husband -- the one you've only been married to for two years, the guy you were planning to spend the rest of your life with -- standing at a podium, telling the whole world about the pictures he sent to women that were NOT you?


Weiner is a dirtbag. He definitely lacks integrity. But since the stuff he was doing was on-line, the question some people are asking is did Weiner actually cheat on his wife? He didn't have actual physical contact with these women, but he was spending time communicating with other women in a manner that was beyond inappropriate. That time wasn't just the time that he was acting as a Representative for the people of District 9. He was also his wife's husband during those moments.

What do you think? Was Weiner cheating?

Yes? No? It's complicated?