The Next Big Thing in Video Creation: wochit

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As anyone who lives in social media and the blogosphere knows, you have to keep your eyes open for the next big thing. The thing that will keep your content fresh and bring eyeballs to all your online stuff.

Well, friends I have found that thing.

First, let me tell you how bored I am. I’m so bored of blogging. I mean, I write for clients and online publications, and that’s just fine. I’m sharing pertinent information with an audience that wants it in newsy type bites. But personally, I’ve been itching to find a new way to tell a story.

And from talking to some of my other bloggy buddies, they’re feeling a bit of that same ennui. None of us want to just give up on what we’ve built over the last several years, but we’ve become busier picking up freelance work because of those same blogs that we built. We all know the benefit of keeping the content coming, but how can we create fresh new content without having to take a lot of time away from our paying gigs? And while we all know that video is gaining over words every day, not everyone is comfortable being in front of the camera.

So what’s a bored blogger with limited time to do???

Turn your stories into video by using wochit (pronounced “watch it” but spelled oh so cleverly).

What is wochit?

wochit is a collaborative cloud-based video production service that provides content creators the resources and tools to help create videos and visual stories quickly and efficiently. With wochitanyone can be a video creator in minutes. They’ve got a simple storyboarding, drag and drop editor, plus the option to add your own voice-over to the video right in the editor. Creators can have a video of any length, (fully “white labeled” and ready for distribution) in about the same time it took you to stand in line and get your Peppermint Mocha this morning.

wochit provides licensed content from some of the biggest providers in the world (Getty Images, Reuters, The Associated Press, and more) while also giving you the option to add your own assets to the story. So you can use all, some, or none of your own video and still be able to produce some great, original content.

wochit videos can be distributed globally across all social media platforms, and they fit into any player for easy publishing.

wochit enables you to control the monetization, whether that’s pre-roll advertising, native ads, sponsored content, youtube, or whatever you’re doing.

And, HEY NOW! wochit is completely complimentary to bloggers!!!   Check out the video here: and follow them on Twitter (@wochit) for the latest news!

I had a chance to talk to the Senior Vice President of wochit, Drew Berkowitz. He told me about the media outlets that are already using their program and how he thought it would be a great fit for bloggers looking to create fresh and relevant content for their readers and followers. In just a few minutes, Drew showed me how easy it was to use wochit.

Here’s how wochit works:

  • Write the Story – You have a few options here: Type a quick story directly into the content text box, upload a section from a blog post, or create one using wochit’s content library from AP, Reuters, or Getty. wochit will estimate the amount of time those words will take to be spoken when you do your voice over.
  • Storyboard – Drag and drop digital content to the story in the wochit studio (you choose the placement and spacing in between), or let the platform storyboard for you. Then you’ll record your own voice over with the built in wochit recorder. (Don’t like the sound of your own voice? You can use their network of professionals, for a fee, of course.) Then just review and approve.
  • Post-Production and Publish – Within minutes of approval, wochit renders a fully branded HD video that you can seamlessly integrate or instantly publish to your blog, social profiles, and mobile.

As we were going through the demo, I kept thinking of all the videos bloggers could create using wochit. Fashion bloggers could do news style reports on Red Carpet looks after every awards show, automotive bloggers could create a sizzle reel of the latest model car that they’ve tested, travel bloggers could add some great b-roll to cover their latest destination… you can just imagine the possibilities!

And Drew had a great suggestion for bloggers: Create a teaser video for your latest posts! Instead of just sending a weekly newsletter to your readers, share a quick video that will get followers to click over! Here's my very first wotchit creation. I'll be using it on my About page.

There's a bit of a learning curve, as with any program, but it's pretty simple once you understand the storyboarding process. One thing i will recommend is to work on the timing of the script. The thing that worked best for me was to use a stopwatch while recording my voice over. That way, I made sure that my script mostly lined up with the video clips. Keeping clips shorter also helps in keeping the news story or sizzle reel more exciting. If you find clips that have cutaways, a longer clip will be okay.

I've already started planning all the ways that I can use this platform. I'm excited to see what other bloggers create!

More about wochit

Launched in 2012, wochit set out to disrupt the traditional video creative production process… and it’s working. The company won the Gutenberg Prize as a part of the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards for its technology in the field of journalism, and strives to empower every storyteller to harness the power of video.

wochit will be at BlogHer Pro in San Francisco on December 13. Come by their booth (number 10) to meet the team and learn how wochit can help you with your content creation. Did I mention that they are also giving out a few new beringer mics at their booth so us bloggers can record our voice over in style?!