The Trouble with Doors

Several years ago, I came across the perfect desk on Craigslist. It was Espresso colored, so not completely black, but not just dark brown, or God forbid, wood-like. It had a file drawer ready for hanging files, several shelves, a hutch with frosted glass doors, and a pull out tray for my keyboard tucked nicely under the desk. Not only that, but the typing/writing area of the desk extended out and curved so that I had enough room to breathe and to face my monitor at an angle, rather than directly towards a wall. 

And it had a door to hide my giant tower of a computer. 

Over the years, I've come to hate that door. At first, it seemed like a good idea. My big metallic monster was discretely resting behind the door, usable, but hidden. But then it became a problem. First, the tower started heating up in that confined little space. The fan would just buzz incessantly. BUZZ BUZZ BUZZZZZZ. The incessant buzzing was completely distracting and annoying. So I pulled the tower out, pulled the desk away from the wall, and cut the back of that area out. THERE! No more over heating!

Then it was the USB thing. There are a couple of items that I plug into the front facing part of the tower, forcing me to leave the door open or cracked a bit. The door had a little semi-circle at the top of the door, but it was really only big enough to allow a tiny speaker cord through. It sort of worked, but not really. The door was usually cracked open with cables pouring out, which was making my cable-hating self itch.

Then there was the issue of not hearing anything because the speakers on the tower were being muffled by the door from hell. The monitor I have for that Mac doesn't have speakers, so I had to leave wide open whenever I wanted to hear anything. The door was never really fully closed. It wasn't really functioning as a door, even though that's exactly what it was.

I've lived with this door not working for a couple of years now. I've learned to ignore the little annoyances in exchange for it sort of doing its job. I thought I could live with the situation, but I was always aware of how annoying it was. The feeling was buzzing around me like a little gnat flying around your head.


Today, I was organizing our work/learn center. I ran through all the same issues again and just like an insane person, I ran through all the solutions. I could plug in that USB hub to the back and just plug everything in on top. But then I remembered how messy that got, and the cables flopping all over the desk was really making me stabby. I could rubber band or zip tie all the cords. Again. Or maybe I could make the semi-circle cut out a little bigger. I started to dig through the tool box for the right bit to make that happen, when it finally hit me. 

Just remove the fucking door, Sugar!!!

And so I did. I got rid of the door.

Sometimes, the solution really is just that simple.