We went to Costco the other day...

Costco Card

Going to Costco is the most plebeian thing one can do. How many times have you gone to a pool party only to find that your host has supplied all the guests with towels that look just like yours? And who doesn't stock up on a year's worth of toilet paper, just in case? Why buy fresh fish when you can buy canned chicken in bulk???

As with everything we take for granted, it's just not special until it's gone.

Mr. Jones loves Costco. He waxes on about their menu as though he's reading the offerings at a Michelin rated restaurant. Nobody loves a Costco Chicken Bake more than my husband. I'm not gonna lie... I do love me some Costco hot dogs. And we both enjoy strolling through their television department together the way other couples might like to saunter through, oh, you know, a strip club together. He ogles the big screens like some A/V perv. I slap him and tell him to get real, that bitch is NOT coming home with us. Then we go home and make out. It's awesome.

But for the past several months, we've been cut off. Our membership lapsed and we didn't renew because here in Ensenada, Costco is expensive! Relatively speaking, of course. When you can walk out of the Calimax with a week's worth of staples for under a hundred dollars, that's pretty darn good, so there really wasn't a need, unless of course, we wanted the things we can't get at Calimax, like EVERYTHING WE WERE USED TO HAVING. We were still able to sneak into the food lines to get some pizzas and dogs every now and then, because the cashiers didn't run the cards, but someone got wise to people doing that and...

No more Costco hot dogs.

Then last week, after a couple of months of working non-stop and after Mr. Jones FINALLY regaining full time employment (HALLELUJAH), we decided to splurge. We did a few things we hadn't done in a while, including renewing our Costco memberships. We've learned this lesson the past 14 months and we can tell you from experience... there's a whole hell of a LOT you can live without. So when the regular activities that once seemed plebeian suddenly become a luxury, you get a true reality check on life and realize:

We must be fucking RICH if we can buy a flat of Kraft Mac & Cheese!


This post was in no way sponsored. But if the good people of Costco or Kraft like chicks who cuss and frequent strip clubs, I'm totes for sale.