We're Moving to Mexico!

Crazy, right? 

Well, not really. It's something we've been talking about for years, but we hadn't planned on doing it quite so soon. We expected to make the move when we retired, but then things went sideways with Mr. Jones' partner and company, leaving us scrambling to figure shit out.

One morning, I sat straight up in bed with one thought on my mind. As hubs handed me my coffee (like he does every morning... don't hate), I shared my crazy idea with him.

"Why don't we just move to Mexico NOW? What have we got to lose?" 

Now, I know some of you will answer "Your heads" to that question, but we're not being stupid about our move. Yes, there's trouble. The media's been reporting on it forever. But if you'll notice... not a lot of innocent parties in the reports. If you go looking for trouble, you're going to find it. It's true in Mexico. It's true in the U.S. It's true in any country.

It's easy to see why so many Americans have been flocking to Mexico for so long. Moving to Mexico cuts living expenses more than in half, medical services are top notch and affordable, and the there's the white sandy beaches and warm climate. Although it's long been seen as a retirement destination, there's a new wave of families with young kids moving down there now. Good quality American and international schools are available in most of the larger expat cities that fill the need for the families that are moving to Mexico.

We already had three locations picked out that are safe, have American schools, and are near the beach. We were all ready to go check out houses in those cities when hubs got a call to fly out of San Diego again. I can't tell you how mixed my emotions were about that. On the one hand, hubs had a job offer. On the other hand, we already had our hearts set on moving to Mexico. But since he'll only be flying a few days out of the month, we split the difference and decided on a place on the beach in Ensenada. We'll still be close enough to come up on a regular basis yet far enough away to really be in Mexico and go exploring down the Baja Peninsula.

Ensenada is a huge port city and fills up with Americans every Saturday when the cruise ships come in. I spent a few weekends partying down there in my younger days, I can't lie. But the place we picked is further down the coast at the southern end of the bay, away from the touristy part of Ensenada. And there are some familiar amenities: Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Home Depot, Costco. Kinda funny. It's a pretty active area, which isn't surprising. There's plenty to do: surfing, kayaking, fishing, riding on the sand dunes...

Did I mention the lobster?


Puerto Nuevo Lobster.jpg

There's also a thriving wine country in Valle de Guadalupe just a bit inland. We'll be moving just in time for the crush season, so I'll definitely be doing a little wine tasting. Something I didn't know... wine and food tour companies based in San Diego bring folks down to enjoy the culinary delights of Ensenada every weekend. 

Naturally, I'll be sharing our travels, some Spanish lessons, and tips on the best places to get wine and lobster. Hope you'll come along on the adventure!