Yes, I Have Kids, but...

Dear Very Nice PR Person, 

I have kids. Four, in fact. One is an adult, blending in as a hipster in San Francisco. She went to Cordon Bleu baking school. I wish I would have sent myself, since I have to pay for it now. Unfortunately, I was busy homeschooling the youngest two of the four. They are what you guys might label "tweens" and you might have seen them in our Nintendo ad. They're cute, right?

I also have another daughter who works in a bank and recently married her baby daddy. I'd show you pictures of the wedding, but I wasn't invited. Kids... what are you gonna do, amiright???


I received your very nice pitch for you product/service/app/article about/for kids and/or babies, but even though I could write an encyclopedia on what to do and what NOT to do when it comes to raising children, I don't actually write about parenting on this site. 

I DO blog about things I'm learning to cook, my adventures moving to Mexico, missing airplanes to food festivals in Portland, videos from the front of roller coasters, video games that my family and I like to play together, trips with my husband and/or family...

and booze. 

I DO NOT blog about kids and babies. My kids happen to be part of the stories just as the car I'm driving might be part of the story. If they are ever the focus of the story, it's how sad I am (ex: no wedding invite) or how excited I am (ex: Nintendo ad). So as much as I LOVE that you reached out to me to share your amazing product/service/app/article about/for kids and/or babies, it's not anything that would go on my blog.

If you have anything that falls under the things I DO blog about, I'd be happy to read all about it. Unless you're writing to send me on an awesome trip to a spa in Mexico or to race cars in Detroit, don't be surprised if I respond with a request that we take the information sharing to a professional level (that means money) or a sweet little proposal for a long-term relationship (also money). 

Thanks for thinking of me, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!