Storytelling with LEGO #KeepBuilding

I bet you didn't know, but great storytellers are created with LEGO Bricks. Okay, maybe not just LEGO Bricks. Storytelling comes from learning legends, a big case of wonder, and hours of play.

As with many LEGO moms, I have learned to look for bricks while vacuuming or in pockets when doing laundry. I've also learned to give my Master-Builder-in-Training his space to build that I clean around (read: completely ignore). When he's on a special building and storytelling tear, his LEGO bricks will get into absolutely everything and be everywhereI'll get frustrated at him for leaving his bricks and pieces scattered, but then I'll see him working intently at the coffee table on a new build, his face looking just like it did when he opened up his first box so many years ago, and my heart melts... until I step on a brick.

My son can spend hours a day playing with his LEGO bricks. When he digs through all the thousands of pieces in his LEGO bin (which he lovingly refers to as The Void), it sounds like a waterfall of plastic pouring down. That is the sound of imagination and ideation. Sometimes, I'll hear a loud "FOUND IT" come from his room. I never know what he's been missing, but I know that he's working on a new build... and a new story.

Picture/Story (above): These mini-figs are from different Chima sets. The legend of Chima is that the Phoenix, gods of the sun, decided to create a world, making their base on a large planet. They created all life on the planet: Mammoths, Tigers, Saber Tooths, Avians, Lions, Monkeys, Crocodiles... all KINDS of animal peoples. The Saber Tooths and their allies rebelled against the Phoenix, and started a war. Then came The Great Illumination, which backfired. It's a long story... and my son loves to tell us all about it.

He was only four when I bought him his first LEGO character, a Bionicle. (He's VERY excited that they're bringing them back!) The first few builds, we did together. As we built, he told me about the importance of the pieces, for instance the Bionicle mask gives each character different abilities and powers. Every few weeks, we'd go back to the store for a new character. We'd stand in those aisles for EVER deciding between characters. He had to decide which special pieces and powers he most wanted. Sometimes, I'd just throw up my hands, buy him two and be done with it. The minute we got home, he'd tear open the box. I'd stand over him to make sure he laid out all the pieces and got organized first, then I'd hand him his instruction book and let him start building. As his build came together, I'd listen to him tell me all about the legend of that particular character. It became our weekly ritual... our Mother/Son time.

Picture/Story (above): Eris's brother took her jet out for a spin and decided it wasn't fast enough... so he made it ten times faster by adding three more engines and deleting excess parts. This particular ship is used for rescue missions, so speed is key. Eris is a main character in Chima. Her story is that she was just an average avian until the Phoenix contacted her and gave her a mission .

Every character that came home added to the stories that my son told. I started to understand that the fun wasn't just in building the thing on the box... the fun was also in making those pieces of plastic come to life through story. He learned the legends of all of his characters and began to come up with new story lines and adventures for them. His favorite LEGO sets are fertile storytelling ground: Star Wars, Chima, Ninjago. all complete with their own legends. His plot twists will come to him at the most random times. We'll be at the kitchen table having dinner and his eyebrows will arch up. That's how I know there's a story coming. Sometimes, it's a design theory, but other times, it's a good-guy-gone-bad plot twist or a plan to rescue some rebels from a precarious situation that he dreamed up that afternoon.

Picture/Story (above): This is a 2-in-1 vehicle. It includes a fighter jet and deployable mini cruiser (back) called The Griffin. Clockwork Lion is flying the chopper up front with Leonitis ready to deploy in the cruiser. The mini cruiser was added on to the original chopper with "spare parts" that my son dug up from his treasure trove of pieces... a.k.a. The Void.

Except for the Millenium Falcon, the LEGO sets we bring home never stay as they were meant to be. He builds them once, proudly shows me his build, telling me all about the features of the vehicle or character, and almost immediately, begins dismantling the original, creating hybrids with special technologies or powers ("spare parts" from The Void) that continue any one of his current character stories. 

This is still our ritual. I'll take him to the store and stand in the aisle for EVER waiting for him to decide. He tells me why he has to have more than one. Every now and then, I give in. He rushes home to tear open his box and starts building, tells me all about it and more. Most of the time, I just smile and nod not really understanding where his characters are on his story line (it's hard to pay attention to details when I'm making dinner and he's sticking his latest design in my face) but I try not to get frustrated or agitated at him. 

He's my little storyteller... and I love him.




Behind-the-Scenes: The LEGO Movie Experience at LEGOLand (NOW OPEN)

Today, Legoland California Resort will open a behind-the-scenes look at the real movie set of The LEGO Movie at its new exhibit: The Lego Movie Experience.

Last month, I took my son to the premier of The LEGO Movie and, the next day, to the press junket at LEGOLand where we got to meet the voice of WyldStyle, Elizabeth Banks. My son thought that was pretty cool...

but not as cool as seeing the set of the movie!

Here's my little Master Builder!

Here's my little Master Builder!

The LEGO Movie Experience at LEGOLand California (b).jpg
The LEGO Movie Experience at LEGOLand California (c).jpg
What does my little Master Builder spy?

What does my little Master Builder spy?

An ice cream truck... sort of.

An ice cream truck... sort of.

Personally, I prefer the coffee blasting vehicle.

Personally, I prefer the coffee blasting vehicle.

Imagine the road trips you could have in THIS baby!!!

Imagine the road trips you could have in THIS baby!!!

This was our favorite spot. It's also the place we had our age old argument of Kragling the Millennium Falcon.

This was our favorite spot. It's also the place we had our age old argument of Kragling the Millennium Falcon.

Here's my Master Builder at the dad's desk. Now he wants the same thing. Good luck, kid!

Here's my Master Builder at the dad's desk. Now he wants the same thing. Good luck, kid!

Some more fun facts about The LEGO Movie Experience at LEGOLand California:

  • It took LEGO Master Builders 5 weeks to design models that make up the worlds that appear in Finn’s basement in the film.
  • It took a team of 10 LEGO Master Builders 2,000 hours (full-time over 5 weeks) to build all of the models.
  • The finished models contain approximately 1.5 million LEGO bricks and elements.

There's also a giant model of the movie logo on property. It took two weeks to design and four Master Builders spent about 220 collective hours putting it together. Pretty impressive. What's not impressive? I didn't get a shot of it. Next time...

The LEGO Movie: Review and Q&A with Elizabeth Banks (VIDEO)

Hello... my name is Sugar... and I KRAGLE.

I'm working on my issues, which didn't seem to be so bad, until I watched The LEGO Movie. This movie could have been filmed inside my son's head. In fact, the whole time I was watching, I felt like I had been transported into his imagination. It was sweet, except for the parts that brought twinges of guilt to my OCD heart.

Little things kept popping up on the "evil" side of the story. Things like "micromanagement bots" and "nail polish remover" and "KRAGLE". Things that I thought were harmless... helpful even. I realize now that I was only fooling myself. With the help of my patient LEGO loving son, I'm working to rid myself of my KRAGLE issues.

One day at a time.

What is this insidious KRAGLE thing? It's the secret weapon of the evil Lord Business who is seeking to destroy all the free thinking and imagination in the LEGO universe. An unassuming hero, Emmet (Chris Pratt), who lives his life in the same way, every single day of his life, finds that everything is NOT awesome in his instruction following world. After meeting Master Builder Wyld Style (Elizabeth Banks), he discovers that he's destined to help save the worlds from the imagination killing intentions of the evil Lord Business who plans to end the world on Taco Tuesday.

WyldStyle doesn't understand how Emmet, the not-so-special instruction following guy with so little imagination is going to save them. But swallowing her pride, she works with him to help find his creative side. Along the way, she introduces him to other master builders, The Wizard (Morgan Freeman), Batman (Will Arnett), a jacked up pirate, a Spaceman that really wants to build a spaceship, and a rainbow kitty with a unicorn horn named UniKitty. There are a few other LEGO minis that you'll recognize. Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Super Man, Gandolf, and a host of other nerdy characters.

After a special preview of the movie, I was invited along with a group of Southern California bloggers for a special Q & A with the voice of WyldStyle, Elizabeth Banks. We met her in what will be a new attraction at LEGOLand California, opening to the public this summer: The actual set of The LEGO Movie. When the mic came to me, I asked Ms. Banks something to the effect of:

What was the thing you pretend played when you were a kid?

This was her hilarious answer:

The loud guffaws were mostly me, with a few bursts of laughter coming from Mary Burt-Godwin of The Mama Mary Show. Everyone left the room talking about how cool it would have been to grow up with Elizabeth Banks.

The movie has plenty of hilarious references that will keep adults' attention (you'll DIE when you see what happens to the Millennium Falcon!) and it's a fun, quirky adventure that the kids will absolutely love. 

Hope you get a chance to see The LEGO Movie! Don't be surprised if you start to think that "everything is AWESOME!" ;)


Spring Fling Fun at Knott's Berry Farm

For the first time ever, Knott’s will be getting into the swing of spring with a special celebration!

Knott's Spring Fling - March 23, 2012

Be the first to experience the fun! From Ghost Town to the Boardwalk the park will be alive with new activities and décor for the entire family, creating a park-wide experience that welcomes the new season and cures spring fever. The park will be filled with giant interactive displays that scream SPRING!

Where's Snoopy?

The Search for the Easter Beagle will have kids (3-11) scurrying across the park to find images of the famous beagle. Warmer weather means enjoying the great outdoors, which is just what the Peanuts characters are doing in “Peanut’s Party in the Park,” a new interactive live show located in Charleston Circle. This musical revue includes some of today’s Top Ten tunes that the whole family will singing along with.

Looking for a little friendly competition?

Then head over to Knott’s Boardwalk area for the big game, the Big Boardwalk Board Games that is. It’s family game night to the extreme as everyone becomes oversized game pieces in some of their favorite board games. You can bet that we'll be spending some time there, trouncing... I mean, playing with the little ones. From dominoes to tick-tack-toe – it will be game on!


For the artists and creative types, Knott’s invites you to the Grande 3-D Art Show at the Silver Bullet midway. Guests will be able to step into life-size drawings of some of nature’s most beautiful spring scenery for priceless photo opportunities.

Wanna go?

Enter to Win Tickets!

California amusement park tickets don't always fall into the monthly budget. Some amusement part tickets don't even fall into the annual budget! So because I love to share, I'm giving you a chance to win two tickets for Knott's Spring Fling.

Here's what you need to do in order to win:

  • ‘Like’ Knotts Berry Farm on Facebook:
  • Follow on Twitter:
  • Use #KnottsSpring on any social posts if they share the contest.
  • Follow on Instagram:
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Leave me a comment to let me know that you entered by doing the above.

Good luck and hope to see you at Knott's!

Two Guys: A (Really) Short Story

Two guys go to the same high school at roughly the same time. One believes he is more than his circumstances, writes in other people's yearbooks that he will be somebody someday, ignores the snickers and laughs, gets away from that small-minded little town, and becomes a world renowned speaker and motivator.

The other guy never gets his senior yearbook. The other guy likes money more than school so he drops out and goes into construction. And for a while, there's a lot of work and a lot of money. A few years later, he falls in love with a beautiful young girl... and gets her pregnant. After the initial freak out, they get married. But just around that same time things get tough in construction. The money dries up. He blames the girl for getting pregnant. Then shames her for being worthless. Then turns to beating her until she leaves, broken and scared.

He stays and never changes.

And to this day, he still blames others for his woes.

What is the difference between these two guys?

It couldn't be where they grew up or how much money they had. Neither had much support at home. For the most part, they were equal.

But one believes he is more than his circumstances. He accepts responsibility for his actions and, through hard work and determination, becomes the best person he can be. He also sees the potential in others and helps them tap into their best selves. Eventually, he becomes very successful doing that.

That man is Tony Robbins.

The other man is someone I used to know a long time ago.

It's not where they started that dictated who they would become. It was all about their attitudes, taking responsibility for their own lives, and treating others around them with dignity and respect that made them the men they are today.

The End.

By the way, if you're wondering about the girl, she eventually lives a very sweet life. It's not a perfect life.

But she is happy.