In January, 2015, I posted a tweet. It was in response to something I finally stood up for and, you guessed it… I was trembling. The moment seemed important enough to memorialize with a tweet. And so that it wouldn’t get lost in the stream, I pinned it to the top of my profile. It was partly to share it, but I also knew I might need to be reminded of the moment again. It went like this:

“If you tremble a little when you’re sticking up for yourself, don’t worry. That’s just courage breaking through. Keep going.”

I’ve wanted to share it in a bigger way, so I turned the tweet into a pretty little printable. Just right click on the image and save to your downloads to print out. Put it somewhere to remind you to keep going.

dont worry keep going.png

Is there something you need to do or say that makes you tremble?

Don’t worry…

I have faith in you…

Keep going.

Love, Sugar


*Please feel free to print and share wherever you’d like. I just ask that you not make any edits. If you quote me, please make sure to give me credit. And if you see this phrase anywhere else and it’s attributed to someone else (like maybe Abe Lincoln), let me know. Thanks so much!