Do you ever ask yourself that?

You might hear your inside voice ask it in moments of doubt.

You might give that voice to your fears.

You might think the people closest to you will ask you that if you dare reveal your true desires. 

But who your mom or best friend or husband say you are may not really be who you really truly are.

And you kind of already know that.


Who do you think you are? That's a question people struggle with all their lives. There are so many labels we place on ourselves or have allowed others to place upon us... but those simple labels don't really get to the heart of who we innately know to be our true self. Being our true selves is the secret to living the life we were uniquely created for. In other words, living the sweet life.

We don't come with instruction manuals when we're born. It's through trial and error that we find out what foods are best for our bodies, but how about the rest? What kind of work will we love to do? Where would we be happiest living? Who are we energized or drained by? How can we live the sweet life if we don't know (or maybe ignore) the people, places, and things that make us happy?

There's a human assessment tool that answers all those primal questions.


The Ultimate Life Tool® is based on “The Knowledge of Y.O.U.®” (your own understanding) and serves as the impetus of today's latest cutting edge human assessment technology. We call it "The Test" to simplify things. (We humans like to complicate things, which is part of the problem.) No two humans are alike, not even identical twins. The Test gets to the heart of who you are as a unique being. The results serve as a road map in navigating your world, as well as your personal and professional relationshipsHow much sweeter would your life be if you not only knew your optimal environments, but were also able to easily manage the relationships in your life?

The Ultimate Life Tool® technology provides a baseline from which to improve human performance. The results derived from The Test allow me, as a certified consultants and practitioner, to assist in revealing your natural traits, as well as polarities that influence personal experiences. Essentially, it measures your personal characteristics and gives us directions for optimizing your potential.

The Ultimate Life Tool® consists of an 87 question, online assessment, that takes about ten minutes, followed by a written report. The results of The Test facilitate executive coaching, leadership development, career counseling, personal relationship analysis, matchmaking and conflict resolution.

Who do you think you are? You sort of know... but you've become unclear. Let me help you get clear again.